"In less than half an hour, GT-Therapy has helped me to feel like I have rested for a week after going through a LONG, stressful time. There was an immediate effect on my energy and drive!!! Thank you GT-Therapy, you work wonders!!!"

AGG Wellness Centre

What we do?

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Our gymnastics, known as AGG Gymnastics, is where we focus on developing not just the skill of becoming a great gymnast, but also the love and respect for the sport. Our aim is to see the gymnasts grow in good sportsmanship and mature on physical, social and emotional levels through the foundation of gymnastics.





Our Pilates programme focusses on developing improved overall wellness through proper body alignment. Our aim is to help our clients develop confidence in their physical abilities and to see the restoration of quality of life through the ease of movement. We have seen numerous people receive not just physical healing, but also emotional due to the ability to do things they couldn't do before.

What we call 'GT-therapy' is different from the average school of massage in that its approach differs slightly. This self developed therapy combines various techniques from physical and emotional therapies in a holistic approach to bring about physical and emotional relaxation.


During our sessions, we strive to lower stress levels, increase the mind-body connection, release unwanted muscle tension and assist the body in correct muscle activation to ensure a prolonged effect.


Enjoy the ease of painless movement

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(Our approach to massage therapy)

Nadri Zitzke


For the love of movement

Eldi Cloete


"Best Pilates class. Very professional."

"Very good treatment. Nelis has magic fingers. Drastic pain relief."

Johan Kleynhans

(Sport massage / Pilates)